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Let's make the world more connected through English! Learn about the SDGs in our partner course with World Talk Cafe!

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Weekend Discussions


Global Collaboration!

Our camp consists of 18 hours of collaborative participation over three weekends. Engage in global discussions and fun English-speaking activities with international student coaches and your team during Saturday and Sunday hour camp sessions (3 hours/day), as well as our Weekday Lounge sessions!

30-Day Challenge


Learn and Create Together!

During our immersive English experience, you will have 30 days to work with your team to create an innovative, interactive online course to teach to your fellow camp participants! This challenge is not only a fun learning experience, but a great opportunity to practice your English skills and use your creativity!

Weekday Lounge


Teamwork and Fun!

During the weekdays, our virtual lounge will be open for three hours each day. Students will continue collaborating with their team to develop their course and enjoy free talk time for additional English practice. International students will also be giving presentations about a variety of exciting topics for students to attend!


About Us

This event is run by the Global English Camp Committee. The Global English Camp started in 2015 and is an English-only program that is held in more than 50 cities in Japan: from Tokyo to Hokkaido to a small village in Miyazaki. It is attended by more than 5,000 Japanese junior high, high school and university students each summer. Our students are mentored by over 200 international university students and graduates each summer, representing schools in the US, UK and Canada such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, UCLA, Toronto, Michigan and more! Visit Come On Out Japan and Come On Up to learn more about our companies and our mission.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to move our impactful programs online! Using innovative online platforms such as Zoom and Remo, we are able to continue providing meaningful English Camps with impacts on all participants through global discussions, creative collaboration and, of course, fun and memorable experiences!

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Our Coaches

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Program Features

Our curriculum is carefully constructed by industry professionals with experience in a diverse range of academic fields. We strive to provide all camp participants with an enriching and entertaining experience that you will never forget!




Course Creation


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!

Our curriculum covers a wide variety of important current events, including the United Nations SDGs, which promote prosperity and sustainability. Other topics covered include Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Education Technology, Social Media, the Environment and Life Missions!

Create your own course and present it to the group!

Team up with other Japanese and International students to work together and develop an exciting, modern course based on your passions and relevant global topics! At the end of the program, demonstrate your hard work by presenting your course, while learning from other group presentations too!

Enjoy team building exercises to learn and grow together!

Our program helps you sharpen your confidence and English speaking skills while collaborating with others, but it also allows you to have fun and make new friends while doing it! We have a variety of activities to encourage you to leave your comfort zone and connect you with students from all over the world.

Featured by the United Nations

We are featured as an official partner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Platform. We strive to connect passionate students from top universities worldwide in order to work together to promote the Sustainable Development Goals as well as cross cultural borders to make meaningful connections.

I was able to deepen my understanding of the SDGs more than ever by not only preparing for the presentation on the SDGs by myself, but also giving presentations on the fields of my interest from overseas students. I was able to participate without difficulty because the contents of the program and the required time were taken into consideration so that I could maintain my concentration.

A very valuable experience to learn the coach's native English, of course. was. In addition, I became aware of the English level of other Japanese participants and was motivated to improve my level. I would like to continue to value opportunities to speak in English (such as participating in programs)

-2020 English Workshop Student

-2020 English Workshop Student

Our Coaches

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