Weekend #1

22-23 May

10:00-13:00 JST

Our first weekend will introduce students to all the wonderful opportunities camp has to offer: connections with like-minded individuals all around the world, a chance to discuss relevant social topics, and a space to grow as collaborative thinkers, all while developing confidence in English skills! By taking the time to get to know each other and share ideas, we will set our students up to succeed in creating impactful lessons they are passionate about.

This first weekend will include meeting peers and mentors from all over Japan and the world. This will be the beginning of experiencing new ideas, conversations, and friendships that will last long after camp. Let's learn and offer what we know, doing our best to meet new people and working our hardest! Check out a sample Weekend #1 schedule below!

Saturday, May 22

10:00-10:30 AM 

Opening Ceremony - We welcome all participants and talk about the rules, expectations and goals of the program, as well as the schedule and logistics. Welcome to Come Online: United at Home!

10:30-11:00 AM 

EdTech Workshop - A collaborative, interactive workshop introducing participants to innovative EdTech tools to be used in the program!

11:00-11:30 AM

Introductions / Icebreaker - Both our top university mentors and student participants will get to know each other, including a fun icebreaker activity. This module also serves as a reminder of the importance of making connections and teamwork on this camp!

11:40-12:20 PM

Remote Learning / Lifestyle - Here, our team presents and leads a discussion on the current state of remote learning and our adaptations to a remote lifestyle. We also brainstorm together the purpose of this program!


12:20-12:50 PM

Pitch Session - During the last module of the first day, all participants will give a 30-second pitch to the rest of the group about their ideal course (the world's most interesting class). If you could teach any class for 30 minutes, what would you teach? We will then vote on our favorite pitches to form teams and create impactful courses together, thinking about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and keeping a global mindset! Let's all be active citizens together!





12:50-1:00 PM

Wrap-Up - We end every session with a brief wrap-up meeting to discuss the day. We also discuss any necessary work to do outside of the program! After Day 1, we will form teams based on your shared 

Sunday, May 23

10:00-10:30 AM 

Warm-Up - We always start the day with a meaningful, creative and energizing warm-up activity or workshop, such as Google Jamboard or Miro!


10:30-11:00 AM 

SDG Workshop - Another collaborative, discussion-based presentation and workshop geared towards important global issues!

11:00-11:30 AM

Team building - Get to know your team, brainstorm and finalize your course topic. You will be presenting your course as a team to the rest of the participants!



11:40-12:20 PM

Course Sample Presentation - After a short break, our international staff will present a sample course on a global topic. This will not only be an interesting discussion, but will also serve as an example and inspiration for participants create their own course!

12:20-12:50 PM

Team Work Session - During the last module of the second day, teams will work together to initiate a plan for creating their course. We provide all participants with an effective Course Wireframe that helps visualize the course structure. Participants should also think about what qualities you find in a good course (e.g. engagement and relevance) as well as what tools will be used. Participants will also have access to the English Lounge during the week to learn about new topics from our staff, as well as work together on their own course projects!

12:50-1:00 PM

Wrap-Up - We end every session with a brief wrap-up meeting to discuss the day. We also discuss any necessary work to do outside of the program! After Day 2, you will think about upcoming Lounge events.

Weekend #2

29-30 May

10:00-13:00 JST

Our second weekend will be dedicated to helping students design and create the presentations they will later present to the camp. Each team will have a coach assigned to them who will facilitate group work and respond to any doubts students might have. Teams will also have a chance to present to and get feedback from each other, which they will then use to further improve their designed courses. It will be a time for creative focus and remaining open to the ideas of others.

This second weekend will see students and coaches work together in a personalized, collaborative setting to create their presentations for camp. With feedback, teamwork, and stepping outside the boundary of intellectual comfort zones, we will make our courses the best they can be.

Saturday, May 29

10:00-10:30 AM 

Warm-Up - An enthusiastic icebreaker to start the day with fun and positive energy!

10:30 - 11:00 AM 

Public Speaking Workshop - It's important to feel confident in your final presentation. Enjoy a workshop for professional and personal development in public speaking using the English language!

11:00-11:30 AM

Team Work Session - After the first weekend and a week of English Lounge sessions, now is the time to work on your presentation draft for your course with your team, collaborating creatively!

11:40-12:00 PM

Team Work Session - Keep working together and try to complete a first draft to share with the other program participants in the next module.

12:00-12:50 PM

Pair and Share Session - This is the first opportunity for you and your team to share your course with your fellow participants. You will give an outlined presentation of your course and also ask questions to participants in order to get feedback. This will help you polish your course presentation and make it as interesting as possible for your audience!

12:50-1:00 PM

Wrap-Up - We end every session with a brief wrap-up meeting to discuss the day. We also discuss any necessary work to do outside of the program! After Day 3, you will focus on research and your course presentation.

Sunday, May 30

10:00-10:30 AM 

Warm-Up - An enthusiastic icebreaker to start the day with fun and positive energy!

10:30 - 11:00 AM 

SDG Workshop Part 1 - Taking a break from team work sessions, we now rotate rooms to meet more participants in the camp to share ideas and have global discussions. Let's learn together!

11:00-11:30 AM

SDG Workshop Part 2 - Continuing to meet more program participants is an important part of this program - not only to learn from each other and share ideas about global issues, but make global connections as well!

11:40-12:30 PM

Team Work Session - The last team work session of weekend 2 is especially important in preparing for the final presentation in the following weekend!

12:30-12:50 PM

Team Work Session - Participants (both students and mentors) will work together to get closer to achieving their desired course presentation. Teams should also finalize any outside work that needs to be done in preparation for the final program weekend!

12:50-1:00 PM

Wrap-Up - We end every session with a brief wrap-up meeting to discuss the day. We also discuss any necessary work to do outside of the program! After Day 4, participants should plan their weekly schedule and attend upcoming English Lounge events!

Weekend #3

5 - 6 June

10:00-13:00 JST

Our third and final weekend will be the culmination of nearly a month of work and a celebration of everything the students have achieved and learned. After finalizing and practicing their presentation, teams will get to present it to the rest of the camp, as well as hear all the other team’s presentations. Through active engagement and thoughtful feedback, students will learn about a variety of global topics and bond over shared interests.

In this final weekend, students and coaches will add finishing touches to their courses and present them to other groups. They will also have the opportunity to listen to and provide feedback to the presentations of these other groups. By working and learning from one another, students and coaches alike will develop an intellectual bond rooted in friendship that will last indefinitely.

Saturday, June 5

10:00-10:30 AM 

Public Speaking Workshop Part 2 - An energy-driven, fun workshop continuation to help prepare participants for their presentations on the final day.

10:30 - 11:00 AM 

Public Speaking Workshop Part 2 - An opportunity to speak with more program participants in a different setting, this workshop will help everyone gain confidence to share their course and give a speech!

11:00-11:30 AM

Team Work Session - This is the last team work session before the final presentations tomorrow. Participants will finalize and polish their presentations with the help of their mentors, making any last minute changes, final edits and creating a fantastic team presentation on their amazing course topics!

11:40-12:10 PM

Team Work Session - Participants will use their time wisely to ensure a complete course presentations. If finished, mentors will ask questions and practice discussions with each team.

12:10-12:50 PM

Practice Presentation - Each team will do one live practice run-through of their course and lessons. Doing a presentation in front of a small group can not only help polish speeches, but also give confidence for the final presentation. 

12:50-1:00 PM

Wrap-Up - We end every session with a brief wrap-up meeting to discuss the day. We also discuss any necessary work to do outside of the program! After Day 5, we want students to relax and not stress about their upcoming presentations!

Saturday, June 6

10:00-10:10 AM 

Warm-Up - A fun, energizing game on the last day to get participants excited about their presentations!

10:10 - 10:30 AM 

Final Preparation Session - Teams will have 20 minutes to finalize their courses and presentations. Good luck and don't be nervous!

10:30-12:30 PM

Course Presentations  - All of your hard work and collaborative efforts will pay off as each team gives their course presentation to the entire group, as well as additional international attendees!


It is truly an exciting day as we all have the opportunity to learn from each other and discuss interesting topics together. Audience members (and fellow participants) will be able to ask questions and give feedback on each presentation. Each team will also lead a small discussion about their topic.

After 3-weeks of English discussion and team work, the team is so excited to listen to the presentations. Enjoy sharing your knowledge, research and hard work with all attendees - congratulations!

12:30-1:00 PM

Closing Ceremony and Final Party - After a closing ceremony from the staff, participants will have time to share their thoughts on the program and talk about not only what they learned, but what steps they will take to contribute to the world after the program.

We will also hold a small party that extends past 1 pm as participants can hang out in the lounge and discuss not only challenging topics, but also enjoy fun and light conversation with students and mentors together, united at home!

Weekend #4 - June 12/13:

Program Review and Reflection (Exact Schedule TBD)

Final Presentation Examples

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